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We are the Experts in Custom Gateway Solutions

Excelocity builds turnkey custom software Communication Gateways for Telecommunications Vendors both big and small! We are the experts in building converged Voice and Video over Packet (V2oP) gateways that can be embedded in your existing products or developed as new stand alone products.

The type of solutions can be anything from embedded gateways in set top boxes, residential gateways and carrier grade multi-media gateways to enterprise gateways.

We Provide a Risk Free Business Model

We offer a unique business model that reduces your cost and schedule risks by using a process and development framework that is specifically tailored to building custom gateway products.

We offer our own Best in Class Gateway Development Framework

Our Excelocity Gateway development framework enables the accelerated development of turnkey solutions. We use our best in class optimized gateway control and adaptor software components and APIs in conjunction with pre-integrated and tested best in class 3rd party software. Using this unique approach, of an extended mix of licensable components along with custom code development, the turnkey solution can be developed faster, more cost effectively and with built in quality.

Our pre-integrated, 3rd party, best in class software components are from select VoIP DSP, Analogue loop chip set, VoIP and PSTN Protocol stack vendors. Our solutions are OS independent and can run on Real Time OSs such as VxWorks and RT Linux. They are also customized to run on your chosen hardware platform.