Excelocity is an independent software R&D and Product Development organization that develops turnkey custom telecom gateway products for equipment manufacturers who want to integrate Voice and Multi-Media gateways into their product portfolios.

Our mission is: “To enable equipment manufacturers to cost effectively and quickly introduce Voice and Multi-media Gateway functionality into their products.”

We accomplish that by offering our clients solutions to their gateway projects that take their Time to Market, Cost and Quality risks off the table. When a client buys into our solutions they get a fully functional proven Gateway Product Development team that acts a virtual extension of the client’s own development team.

We are able to accomplish this because our core values are at the heart of our business model:

1. We treat customers as partners.
2. We build our years of experience into our solutions.
3. We guarantee Quality and build it into our solutions.
Excelocity is the developer of XL-Gateway Framework, the first Integrated Gateway Software Framework and components, for the development of Voice and Multi-Media gateways. It is designed to significantly improve the quality and time-to-market for new gateway products.

We are located Ottawa, which gives us access to some of the best Telecom and Software talent in North America and provides an excellent environment for our staff.

To read more about us please download our corporate brochure and contact us to discuss how we can help you address your gateway product challenges.