Excelocity has a team of very experienced staff. Our people are drawn from such world industry leaders as Nortel Networks, RIM, Cognos, Mitel, Alcatel, and Marconi. They are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to turning your ideas into success stories.

The leadership team members have all worked for global software and telecom industry leaders and have in some cases been the leaders of their own companies.

Goutam Shaw, President & Founder

Goutam brings over 19 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience and skills in product development and product management. Goutam applies his unique skills for envisioning, designing, and delivering new award-winning, high-quality products to his customers on schedule and under budget. He has developed products in the areas of Databases, Internet and Telecom protocols, Network management, Authentication and Security, Policy engines, Voice over Internet, and Mobile multimedia messaging.

Prior to founding Excelocity, Goutam was VP, Engineering at Taral Networks, where he successfully developed the best in class product for mobile multimedia messaging, while building the team from scratch. In the past he has held senior management positions at EmpowerTel Networks (acquired by IPUnity), Bridgewater Systems, and Nortel Networks. Goutam is Technology advisor to Tetraglyph Solutions and Cistel Technology.

Goutam has authored numerous publications and is very active in the standards bodies such as IETF, 3GPP, OMA, CTIA. He received his Masters degrees respectively in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Odessa Polytechnic, Ukraine (former USSR) and University of Ottawa. Besides developing cutting edge products, Goutam’s other passions are downhill skiing and volunteering for special needs children and charitable organizations.

Michel-Ange Hyppolite, Chief Architect Software Solutions

Michel-Ange Hyppolite joined the design team of Excelocity in February 2005, serving first as senior designer and now lead architect. He has primary responsibility for the Excelocity Call Control Engine Framework, including call signaling and media gateway control signaling.
Prior to joining the Excelocity, Michel-Ange was senior designer at Nortel Networks were he worked for over 10 years in various project areas including Digital Multiplex Switch (DMS), LAN Communication over TCP/IP, Element Management System for Internet Through-Way, ATM Passport switch Traffic Management and Passport switch Multi-Service Base.

He previously served for over 4 years as an assistant researcher for Professor Samuel Pierre at Télé-Université, Montreal, in the areas of topological design, optimization and simulation of packet-switched networks. He has co-authored several publications in the domain of Topological Design of Computer Communication Networks.

Michel-Ange holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Quebec at Montreal.

Thomas Brown, Director Engineering

Thomas Brown has over two and a half decades of experience in the telecommunications industry.  After graduating from St Lawrence college with a Computer Engineering Technology diploma (President’s list), Thomas started at Bell Northern Research developing DMS features and maintaining existing DMS products focusing primarily on ISDN/SS7/MTP related areas.  In the past Thomas has served in key development roles in the AIN (Advance Intelligent Network) area designing  ServiceBuilder Product at Nortel and developing ATM and SoftSwitch Products at Siemens ICN. In addition to his experience in building Telecom products, over the years Thomas has gained experience in C/C++, Unix/Linux platform and drivers, and HW design.

Thomas has worked in different organizations across the globe including North America, the Caribbean and Europe before joining at Excelocity, bringing his expertise in VoIP and ISDN areas.  At Excelocity Thomas has been instrumental in designing award winning products for its customers and is currently responsible for the product design and delivery including HW and SW with highest degree of quality, usability, and cost effectiveness.  Thomas currently resides in the nation’s capital, Ottawa