Custom Design and Development Solution

Our Business Model makes it easy for you to outsource with minimal risk!
Our business model is based on the fact that we consider our clients to be our partners and we treat them as we would like to be treated if we were outsourcing our own development.

The 5 key aspects of our business model are:

  1. Fixed Price contracts so you know what the project budget.
  2. Development of a Turnkey Gateway product solution delivered to you for integration with the rest of your product or for verification as a stand-alone product.
  3. Guaranteed Quality built into the product solution so it meets the quality requirements specified. This streamlines the product verification and eliminates many field problems.
  4. We provide an experienced full product development team to minimize the ramp-up times to build and deliver your product solution.
  5. A prototype option is possible before committing to a full product, thus reducing your risk.

If you would like to see how we have used our model to help a client address their needs, download our case study: Getting a Quality Product to Market – On Time and Budget

We offer you a full subset Turnkey Product Design and Development service.

Because we have done it many times before, we can deliver a full turnkey gateway product solution or a subset of one, depending on your requirements. We are optimized to build gateway solutions, so we know we can likely do it faster and for less cost than you could do it yourself. Our customers have told us so!

We offer a wide range of professional services along with a number of pre-tested and qualified 3rd party protocol stacks, Operating Systems and software as well as our own Excelocity components and development framework. Thus we can craft a solution that is optimized to your particular situation to meet your cost, timing and technology needs.

Please download our Custom Solution brochure that explains how we can craft an optimized solution for you: Custom Gateway Solutions.

With Excelocity you get a full service experienced virtual Team

The experience

Excelocity has over 5 years’ experience building custom gateways for various Telecommunications vendors’ products. Many of the engineering staff also have years of experience in the areas of:

  • Telecommunications Software Product Management,
  • Gateway Product Requirements,
  • Gateway design and product development,
  • Call Processing,
  • Telecommunication Protocols and Signaling,
  • POTS line and trunk control,
  • Developing Hardware drivers and adaptation software,
  • Telecommunications Quality Control and Product Verification
  • Field deployment and testing of a wide range of telecom access products.

When we engage in a project we bring everything needed to it, thus giving you an experienced set of skills that cover all the functions to deliver the turnkey solution. We back this up with our extensive test gear and lab that is optimized for Gateway testing.

In addition to having an experienced team, we use a proven combination of agile and spiral software development methods to streamline the design and development process so that we can produce quality designs very efficiently.

The full service virtual team

Because our approach is to offer you a full turnkey solution, and because we bring a fully functioning product development functional team to the project, we can act as a fairly autonomous team within your development project.

We typically use your systems and tools in the development projects, and as a result offer you full transparency of the development and its progress. If for some reason this is not feasible or effective, we can use our own systems to execute the project. We also typically place the code we build into your repository on an ongoing basis. We fully document all the stages of our development process.

With this approach, we deliver the following benefits:

  • Faster ramp-up on the development of your product,
  • Less management overhead,
  • Full transparency,
  • Daily/weekly views of the progress,
  • Frequent interactions for rapid response to issues and changes,
  • Clean hand off for product verification,
  • Effective technology transfer at the end of the project.

Please see our gateway development process brochure Custom Gateway Solutions, to understand how we can engage you and your team in executing a successful product development project.