Our board is made up of successful serial entrepreneurs from the Internet Technology and Telecom sectors. Their wealth of experience continues to provide Excelocity with excellent corporate guidance and advice.

Goutam Shaw, Chairman

Goutam brings over 19 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience and skills in product development and product management. Goutam applies his unique skills for envisioning, designing, and delivering new award-winning, high-quality products to his customers on schedule and under budget. He has developed products in the areas of Databases, Internet and Telecom protocols, Network management, Authentication and Security, Policy engines, Voice over Internet, and Mobile multimedia messaging.

Prior to founding Excelocity, Goutam was VP, Engineering at Taral Networks, where he successfully developed the best in class product for mobile multimedia messaging, while building the team from scratch. In the past he has held senior management positions at EmpowerTel Networks (acquired by IPUnity), Bridgewater Systems, and Nortel Networks. Goutam is Technology advisor to Tetraglyph Solutions and Cistel Technology.

Goutam has authored numerous publications and is very active in the standards bodies such as IETF, 3GPP, OMA, CTIA. He received his Masters degrees respectively in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Odessa Polytechnic, Ukraine (former USSR) and University of Ottawa. Besides developing cutting edge products, Goutam’s other passions are downhill skiing and volunteering for special needs children and charitable organizations.

Vinit Nijhawan, Director

Vinit Nijhawan is the founding member of the Board of Directors in 2002, and brings over 20 years’ experience in technology start-ups. He is the President of the TiE-Boston networking group and was recently an investment partner with Key venture Partners in Boston. He is a board member and past CEO of Airwide Solutions, formerly Taral Networks. He has also been the founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Kinetic Computer Corporation, which was sold in parts to Telxon (now part of Symbol technologies) and to Qualcomm. Mr. Nijhawan has also been the vice president and chief operating officer of Payload Systems, Inc., which was merged with Space Industries of Houston, Texas (now part of Veridian).
Mr. Nijhawan has participated in over 75 panel discussions and paper presentations about mobile and wireless technologies, and is involved in the messaging action team for the CTIA’s Wireless Internet Caucus. Mr. Nijhawan earned a B.A.Sc. in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

For more details please see Vinit’s web page at www.nijhawan.com.

Dr. Nishith Goel, Ph.D. CEO of Cistel

Dr. Nishith Goel was appointed to the Board of Directors of Excelocity in Dec. 2007. Dr. Goel is the founder, president and CEO of Cistel Technology Inc. He is also the co-founder of both CHiL Semiconductor and iPine Networks, which was acquired by Nakina Systems. Mr. Goel once worked in big business; now, he creates it. His talent earned him the 2007 ICCC Technology Achievement Award. Cistel was recognized by Branham300 and Backbone magazine as one of the fastest growing Canadian professional services organizations in 2006. It was the fourth consecutive year Cistel received this recognition. The Ottawa-based company ranked as one of the top 250 Canadian Technology companies, with a 37% revenue increase from $10.5-million in 2005 to $13-million in 2006.
Dr. Goel, who was first educated in India and earned his PhD in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo and began his professional career in the semiconductor components division at the Bell Northern Research in Ottawa in 1984. He moved to Northern Telecom in 1988, working in semiconductor manufacturing and then in software engineering until 1995, when he left to found Cistel.