Excelocity has developed embedded Gateway solutions for some of the major players in the Industry. Because we are the “engine” inside solution developers we respect our customers’ privacy and wish to keep the focus on their whole product. We are proud to say that some of the products have even won awards, even though we cannot lay any claim to them. However, some clients are happy to share what they have felt about our services.

Manager of Engineering and Product Validation at a US based Network Access Product Company (2006)

“Goutam and his team have been extremely responsive and efficient in working with our internal architecture team both in designing new functionality as well as in addressing issues and educating our internal engineering staff. The VoIP features his team designed and implemented two years ago have become the feature platform we’ve used to launch several new functionalities.”

Director, Development of a Large Multi-National Telecom Company (2007)

“We had a real challenge facing us in meeting the time frame in getting our new VoIP gateway product to market. We knew Excelocity had experience in building Gateways and when we understood that they could deliver a full software solution on our chosen hardware platform to meet our schedule and for a fixed budget and guaranteed quality level we felt comfortable taking the risk.”

To illustrate how we can assist a typical customer, we’ve included our customer case study white paper, Getting a Quality Product to Market – On time and budget! It shows how we helped a customer solve their time to market challenge.

Our solution approach allows our customers to rapidly build gateway solutions in about half the time they would take to do it themselves!

The type of customers that benefit most from our solution approach are:

  1. Data Product companies that want to add VoIP gateways to their product line with a new product or by upgrading an existing product. Typically they may not have the full detailed VoIP technical expertise in house and may not also be focused on rapid software development. We have a proven track record as an embedded software VoIP Gateway product development team. Companies that are in the Router, Switching and Firewall business are typical customers.
  1. A new start-up company in the VoIP, IMS or Access Device business that needs to have a gateway as part of their solution and/or embedded into one of their products. Typically they don’t have the time to ramp up, acquire the skills and get a quality first product or solution to market on time. That is what we do for them at a fixed price and with limited risk.
  1. An existing Telecom vendor that has VoIP solutions but has a new project that is critical to get to market quickly and the responsible division or group does not have access to the right resources at the critical time.  Excelocity custom gateway solutions have helped a number of these types of customers get high quality Gateway products to market on time and at a fixed cost.


If you see yourself as one of these types of customers we know we can help you meet your new product development challenges. If you are thinking about a new gateway product, let us give you a free assessment by contacting us and discussing your needs.