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Excelocity launches newer VoIP ATA product platform and models

Excelocity launches newer VoIP ATA product platform and models

Ottawa, Canada, June 4, 2018 – Excelocity is proud to announce that in addition to the existing product lines  it is offering a newer line of private label Voice over IP (VoIP) Analog Telephony Adapters (ATA) that employ a more powerful DSP engine and is flexible to support from 1 to 8 ports. This new platform includes the options of integrated WiFi as available in the other product lines and an integrated 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) in the near future.

According to Goutam Shaw, President of Excelocity, “We are very excited to offer this new, powerful, and extensible platform for the advanced line of VoIP ATA products that are very unique and only offered by Excelocity worldwide. This platform, with its advanced capabilities in a very compact and feature rich design, will be even more attractive to the service providers worldwide equally to both the wireline and the mobile  operators.”

Excelocity’s VoIP ATA and Gateway products that employ cutting edge design and DSP technology, are revolutionizing the way voice and voice based value added services are offered in the networks of tomorrow. Our unique VoIP ATA products would allow equip every home and business in the world with not only a phone service but a way to receive additional value added services in the future in the most cost effective and innovative ways. This is another testimonial of our customers’ trust in our high quality products that are offering them the best value for their money in the industry”. Our products   are one of the smallest, most feature rich and most cost effective products available worldwide.

Excelocity VoIP products are built with its award winning V2IP engine. The solution allows the Excelocity customers to acquire the full turn-key solution (including hardware) from us including support and maintenance. For further information please contact us via usual media channels.